“Unique Pet Care by the Sea”

Providing our local beach community with unique pet services & products specializing in creature comfort, enrichment, and activity for your pet. We strive to establish a steadfast & reassuring relationship with our clients while improving overall well-being. Our goals for you and your pets include constructing the means for a clean and healthy environment; improving quality of life by stimulating your pets mind; redirection & encouraging energy in a positive way; and providing comfort and emotional security.

Paws & Anchor’s In-Shop Services provide a number of basic and specialized services for dogs of all shapes, sizes and dispositions. Including, but not limited to, grooming, self-service dog wash, pet safe color applications and tattoos, organic treat bakery, and premium unique retail products. We’d be happy to give you a quote based on a description of your pet and his or her needs! Give us a call!

Paws & Anchor’s In-Home Care Services provide care for your pets in the comfort of their own home. We come to you for any care your pets might need, including but not limited to, walks, feedings, medication administration, litter or yard scooping, nail trims, and more!

We’d be happy to give you a quote based on a description of your pet and his or her needs! Give us a call!

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We have an advantage of being a professional team that cares for your pets while being knowledgeable & experienced. For example, knowing when your pet needs immediate medical attention, to being pet specialists that can give helpful suggestions on pet products and behavior.

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PAWS & ANCHOR associates are all background-checked and pet CPR and first aid certified.


Veterinary Technician / In-Home Care Specialist / IPG Certified Salon Management
19 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Nicole had a goal to create and provide a standard for animal care that did not currently exist in the community.  In 2007, she started providing a new unique service that was customized to providing pet care within people’s individual homes. Her years of working in the animal care, shelter/rescue, and veterinary field helped create a foundation for wellness, emotional security, and happiness, to our furry (as well as feathered & scaled) friends of the jersey shore community. It was amazing to see how content and happy our clients, both human and animal, were with our services provided in their own environment, where pets are most comfortable.  Clients tell us how they haven’t been able to go away in years until they found our services. The relief and gratefulness our clients convey when they use our services is invaluable. The best part is spending quality time loving our animal clients, and seeing them happy and relaxed. We love providing utmost trust in having our professional, knowledgeable, and nurturing team, provide rewarding care and service to our revered clients.
We have come to broaden our services with Paws & Anchor to better services our clients and community including cage-free, positively reinforced grooming with natural products and healthy eco-conscious pet provisions.  Our team is thrilled to provide quality care for your pets and strive to always provide more to our clients and continually enhance our professional knowledge.


Assistant Manager
Groomer/ In-Home Care Specialist / Veterinary Technician
10 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Nikole started off as a volunteer with both animal rescues and shelters in her teens. She later became a groomer to help both pet parents and their beloved fur babies get into a positive grooming routine. Nikole studied marine biology at the University of Hawaii, while working at an emergency veterinarian to gain hands on medical experience. Missing her family back on the Jersey shore, Nikole moved back with her four rescued fur babies. Three dogs, Koa, Kea, and Kali; as well as her cat, Bubbles. She has been with Paws & Anchor since before opening the store front location in 2015, and is stoked to be providing the best quality care for all animal lovers in the area!



Head Groomer
IPG Certified Salon Professional
9 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Alyssa lived most of her childhood in Neptune City and has finally accomplished her lifelong dream of living on the Jersey Shore. She has always been passionate about animals and strove to make a career for herself in the pet care community, making whatever difference she can in the lives of pets. Her favorite part about working at Paws & Anchor is the opportunities it has given her to share her love and respect for animals with her young daughter and growing family. Her own furry family includes a Toy Poodle named “Chi”, “Leah” the Norwegian Elkhound, a Domestic Short Haired cat named “Kaliope”, and “Momo” a Holland Lop Eared Bunny.

IPG Certified Salon Professional
2 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Stephanie is our newest groomer at Paws & Anchor. Her vast background in Cosmetology, working for high-end salons provides an aptitude for creative grooming and color services. She is currently the proud owner of three furry friends: Toby, the Pit/Lab Mix; Marley, the Havapoo; and Heidi the Husky. She loves working at Paws & Anchor where there is a creative, friendly environment while receiving plenty of kisses from happy pup clients. She believes a cage-less salon provides one-on-one attention and a relaxed environment, ensuring stress-free encounter for your furry friend. Her favorite products are our eco-friendly orange scented poop bags – they’re earth conscious and keep any scent traces of accidents where they belong – inside the bag!


In-Home Care Department Head
Veterinary Technician / In-Home Care Specialist
8 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Tyler has a background in animal care & minor education in music business. Enjoying past times in playing guitar & songwriting, his other talents and interests included dog training and behavior. He is part of our behavior mod squad! Tyler has a cardigan corgi named Luigi. Working with animals has been a profession that he continues coming back too after many attempts at working in strictly retail. The joy of working with animals is a feeling that cannot be matched with other occupations and Paws & Anchor gives him the privilege of having that joy daily. Tyler’s favorite pet products are the dog ties, being that sometimes best friends should look good for special occasions. Former titles include His Majesty Lord Kennel Supreme.

Retail & Custom Order Liaison
Grooming Apprentice / In-Home Care Specialist
5 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Brittany’s love for animals sparked her career interest and Paws & Anchor gave her the best opportunity! As a crew member since February 2016, Brittany has contributed to our unique and holistic approach to pet care. She has two fur-babies of her own who she loves dearly! She has her cat, Alice, and her Bernese Mountain Dog, Max. Brittany is proud to be a part of the crew and to care for others’ pets, as she does her own.

In-Home Care Specialist
5 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Scott is officially a “local” having lived here for over 5 years and has worked at Paws & Anchor for nearly as long. For years prior to working with Cole and the crew, he was (still is) the “go to guy” for many of his friends and co-workers to take care of their pets while they travel, serve time (just wanted to check if you were actually reading), or are otherwise indisposed.
If not the official owner, Scott has always been the primary walker of the family pooch. Too young to express his creativity, he named his first dog, a Samoyed, “Frosty”. Now, perhaps a tad too far out there, he crowned his current mutt “Kwalei”. This comes as a shock to none who know him, as his daughter is named after a Rancid song (clue: it’s not “Time Bomb”).
Scott primarily does dog walks and In-Home Care for Paws & Anchor, however, he will, on occasion, make a guest appearance at the store (no autographs, please!). He is Red Cross certified for both pet first aid and CPR, as well as taken both his own and several rescue dogs successfully through general and advanced obedience courses.
Scott has worn many hats throughout his working life (working with the developmentally disabled, children, and co-workers across varied industries including IT, medical, marketing, and education) which prepared him for life as a bald man. He received a B.A. in Psychology from Kean University more years ago than he’d like to admit. When he’s not spending time with his daughter, Scott is working on the long-awaited follow-up to his unpublished first novel.
Canine claim to fame? Scott has never been bitten by a dog. What about felines? Well, although he has panned many a litterbox, he has yet to strike gold.



Head of Office Operations
2 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Kelly loves psychology, animals, reading and meditation. Her beautiful family is her motivation to work hard and do good in the world. She loves working with animals and ensuring that they are happy and healthy (and spoiled!). Paws and Anchor is a great place for her to do what she loves and extend that to others. Kelly definitely recommends spoiling your dog with a blueberry facial (upgrade with a Sea Dog or Captain’s Cut) if you want your pet to smell extra awesome!!

Office Operations / Bathing Assistant
3 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Julie Ann earned a Bachelors Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, has been working with animals for 3 years, including a local vet hospital. She has a Beagle and a Beagle/Basset mix, but also loves frenchies and pitbulls. When Julie is not at work she enjoys acting in indie horror film productions, which she has been doing for 8 years. Volunteering on the special events committee at the Jersey Shore Arts Center, hiking and cuddling with her beagles.  Julie has worked in many industries in NJ and NYC but always enjoys working with animals, as they love whomever they are around.

Certified Professional Grooming Assistant / Certified Professional Bather
1 1/2 Years Professional Pet Care Experience

Growing up in a small city in northern Jersey, Dylan has recently relocated to the beach. Since graduating high school he has been doing self work and is preparing to go to school for business.  Dylan’s hobbies/interests include cars, playing video games, Formula 1, and his family.  For the past seven years Dylan and his family have raised a shih tzu poodle mix named Lola.  Being new to Bradley Beach, Dylan fell into an opportunity right around the corner and didn’t realize how much he’d enjoy working with animals.  His favorite parts about working at Paws and Anchor are the crew, of course, and the atmosphere where it makes him feel at home.  Dylan’s favorite service is the captain’s cut because it can totally transform the look of dogs and his favorite product are the treats because the pets seem to really enjoy them.


“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
-Mahatma Gandhi