Awesome Add-Ons


(all include our handmade Bandana or Bow)


The Tattooed Sailor
$5.00 (+up)

Non-Toxic Temporary Pet Tattoo, with Bandana or Bow
Choose your stencil or request a free-hand design!

The Mermaid’s Treasure
$5.00 (+up)

Feather Fur Extension, Non-Toxic Jewel Bling Application, or Pet Nail Polish

The Punky Pirate
$8.00 (+up)

Non-Toxic Semi-Permanent Colorful Dye (Lasting up to 3 weeks+)


Blueberry Facials
$8.00 (+up)

Natural Blueberry Crème Soap infused with Coconut to help remove tear stains, includes a Face Massage. We finish with a nice wipe down using a freshly warmed towel.

Mobility Mud Soak
$8.00 (+up)

Made of natural ingredients, it’s a soothing anti-inflammatory
that’s great for muscles and joints. Includes a 10 minute lather, soak, and massage with gentle pressure.

De-Shedding Treatment
$18.00 (+up)

A multi-step process which includes our special de-shed shampoo and conditioning treatment, extra blow out and brushing time to reduce the bulk of shedding.

Teeth Brushing Services
$10.00 (+up)

All natural pet-safe toothpaste to help remove plaque and prevent tarter. Includes a take-home Paws & Anchor seahorse toothbrush to continue oral care at home!

Nail Trims
$12.00 (+up)

Nail Dremeling
$15.00 (+up)
w/ a bath or grooming only $9.00 (+up)

Poop Deck Maintenance
$15.00 (+up)
(Anal Gland Expression)

Specialty Shampoo Upgrade Options:

$3.00 each, or 2 for $5.00
• Hypo-allergenic Oatmeal Shampoo
• Essential Oil Calming Shampoo
• Whitening Shampoo
• Deep Coat Conditioning Treatment
•Medicated Conditioning Rinse