Dog Walking & Daily Pet Care Visits


What dog doesn’t get happy when they see their leash?

Have Paws & Anchor’s team of professionals come to your home and walk your dog while you’re home or away! You may book regular recurring dog walks accommodating a busy work schedule or request walks on an as-needed-basis, assisting at any time of day or evening. We accommodate all doggie personalities, breeds, health conditions, and temperaments, and understand each client has different needs. From a heeling power-walk to a sniff-and-stroll, we highly recommend taking advantage of our exercise services. Dogs need a job or purposeful direction, and walking daily helps to satisfy those instinctual needs, release excess energy, and keep them physically healthy. Without an outlet for energy, dogs often displace their drive in what we may call bad behavior, when they are simply looking for an activity. Experts recommend aerobic activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, along with 1 to 2 hours of playtime to prevent doggy obesity and other health issues. Besides, wouldn’t your dog love to go out for an adventure with their friends from Paws & Anchor! All of our walks:

• Provide needed bathroom breaks while you’re away
• Clean-up using 100% biodegradable poop bags.
• Keep your pet healthy, agile, and limber to help control weight
• Reduce or even eliminate anxiety and common behavior problems
• Help your pet to be more relaxed, and sleep well at night
• Provide activity to enhance overall wellness & build your pet’s confidence
• Regular exercise will help your pet live longer!

Standard Dog Walks

Approximately twenty to thirty minutes; perfect for
regular exercise, daily activity, and overall wellness.

Extended Dog Walks

Approximately forty-five to sixty minutes, recommended as a perfect outlet for high-energy dogs!

Call for current rates & to schedule your free consultation visit to get started!