Provisions & Furnishings


Unique Pet Products

• Paws & Anchor strives to pick products that are ethically and sustainably sourced
and focus on choosing products from companies that are Fair Trade
• Recycled and Eco-Made Products
• Pet bedding, toys, clothes, leashes and collars for Dogs & Cats
• Healthy and Delicious Treats
• Award Winning biologically appropriate food with free range
protein sources and wild-caught fish for cats and dogs
• Supplements and Healthy Food Additives
• Pet toys that inspire curiosity, activity, and enrichment. Teaching pets to have a purposeful direction or job, and to work for their food as nature intended.
• Salon and Cleaning provisions that are natural
and free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulfites.
• And so much more!


Let us know what your pet loves, and we will have it delivered to our storefront!
Free Delivery is available with any scheduled In-Home Care Appointment

• Paws & Anchor’s retail has a beachy, nautical edge that you and your pet will love!