Doodle Disclosure


DOODLE Disclosure

If you weren’t already aware, as a doodle owner it is important that you know that you own a high-maintenance breed in the grooming department.  They require daily brushing and combing, and full service groomings every 4-6 weeks.  

Unfortunately the media, many dog breeders, and general public opinion do not convey this.  Because of their coat type being curly plus being mixed with a double-coated breed, they are the most labor-intensive breed type we work with.  Their popular image of an unkempt Bob Ross-like coat, coupled with this lack of education to pet parents creates a huge dilemma for the industry of groomers.  If you were to compare them to say an Old English Sheepdog in full show coat, they would be getting groomed at least every two weeks.  The grooming process on an overgrown, deeply matted doodle coat is stressful and painful on the animal, to stand for twice as long as most other grooms while their tangled coat is being pulled on. (and because of that, the dog is often uncooperative for the process).  It’s also damaging to our extremely expensive tools, and hard on our hands and joints (it's like hacking down a tree when our tools should be sliding through the coat of any other dog).  A doodle that does not have their coat maintained regularly is at a higher risk for injury and stress during the grooming process as well.  Because of all of this, many grooming salons will not even take new doodle clients, while at the same time this breed continues to grow in popularity.  Please do thoroughly read our packet (or on our website, under Pet Salon & Spa), on HEALTHY GROOMING ROUTINES & MATTING INFO, as it applies especially so to Doodle owners.

We love grooming, and we love doodles!  They can be sweet and friendly.  At the first grooming with us we are prepared to give you one intensely labored beautiful haircut fresh start for your doodle.  (Be prepared that the first appointment may cost a bit more pending coat condition and tolerance to the grooming process.)  We also recommend pre-booking at each appointment for the next, in order to get in on time for your pet’s grooming schedule. 

Moving forward, in order for us to have a great client relationship we have the following Doodle/Curly Coat Client Policies:

  • Full-service groomings are strongly advised every 4 to 6 weeks, and Never going past 8 weeks is highly recommended for health and safety reasons.  (Puppies should be starting the grooming process monthly by 8-12 weeks of age.)
  • If a few more weeks (beyond 6) between grooms is preferred by the client, haircuts less than ½” long may be performed, for easier maintenance and matting removal.
  • Unfortunately due to all of the above information and the high demand for haircuts from doodle owners, clients that go past 10 weeks between groomings cannot be serviced (or in some cases, 8 weeks if deemed by the groomer that increased service frequency is required due to the multiple painful matted shave-downs required by the coat type). (Note, we do understand things happen in life, but we only give one pass on the exception to this rule.)

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