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Paws & Anchor Pet Grooming Salon, Spa & Boutique is looking for a FULL TIME Pet Salon Assistant for our grooming salon.

This job title will also include being; an Assistant Office Manager, a Dog Bather Groom Tech, and a Grooming Assistant to one of our Certified Professional Groomers.

We are a friendly group looking for someone with a talent for customer service and administrative skills, with a love for animals, and a nice smile to join our team. Our company culture also has good ethics that focus on positive pet care in a cage-free environment. We provide a lot of out-of-the-box options with a true passion for animals and their well being. We would love it if you would consider joining our team of professionals. We are a small unique company with a lot of heart.

Find your happiness working at an independent business, in a beautiful shop, with a great team of creative fun humans while working with animals. Paws & Anchor was created because it wanted to provide services with the best care to animals with compassion and love, when that wasn't always a choice for the public. Our "pets" give ourselves their friendship unconditionally, and we want a chance to give back to them.

Feel free to be yourself, and be totally appreciated for your talents! (And tattoos, piercings, and fun colored hair are not a problem.) Work in the most unique environment with a positive alternative approach to the animal care industry. We thrive on a team environment that treat each-other like family. Our company culture also values equality for all humans, ethical treatment for all humans and animals, animal rescue and adoption, positive reinforcement and the most minimally invasive options available when working with animals, and safety for the humans and animals around us.


WE HAVE OUR OWN UNIQUE HIRING PROCESS AND REQUIRE ALL APPLICANTS TO COMPLETE OUR FULL PAWS & ANCHOR (separate from Indeed) JOB APPLICATION. [Please note, preference for this position will be given to persons who follow directions well showing us you have attention to detail, research our company well, show a passion for the opportunity, and stop in to say Hi to see the actual place they applied to work at (Monday & Wednesday mornings/afternoons preferred, but anytime is appreciated).]


or linked on our website,

Note, Indeed's short list of questions are not considered completing our application process. The full Paws & Anchor Job Application must be completed to be considered for this job or potentially receive an interview.



•A minimum of 1 years experience in; customer service, office/reception or professional animal care industry to apply

•Must reside within 10 miles of Bradley Beach, NJ

•Availability must include weekends, and working till 7:30pm

•1 year commitment contract and non-compete agreement, post trial period

•Must be able to lift at least 50lbs that wiggle

•Have confidence interacting with all types and personalities of pets

•Must be able to independently complete pet nails trims within 7 days of training (if performing pet nails trims is new)


Groom Tech for Dog Bathing and Pet Manicures: Bathing and basic Grooming (without cutting hair, blowing-out hair/fur and brushing), cleaning ears and trimming nails, and handling of all types, temperaments, and sizes of Dogs.

Grooming Assistant to one of our Certified Professional Groomers: Including being a collaborative attendant to the grooming, aiding with holding and comforting animals during cat grooming, special needs dog grooming and small critter nail trims (for example bunnies and guinea pigs). (If inexperienced with cat grooming/holding felines or small critters for procedures, training is available.)

Assistant Office Manager: Running the pet salon office department at least two days a week. Responsibilities include management of grooming client relations, making and answering calls, scheduling, and having good customer service skills and daily communications with the team and primary office manager.

•Assisting with storefront operations, cleaning and daily operating procedures.


Complimentary Delta Dental Premier Insurance

Paid Birthdays Off

At cost, Heavily Discounted Pet Supplies, Pet Food, Toys, Treats and Litter

50% off Pet Services from co-workers (In-Home Care & Grooming)

Free Dog Washes / Self-Grooms

50% compensation for most any elected continuing education programs upon completion

Bi-Yearly reviews

Monthly Team Meetings

50% paid for cost to Spay & Neuter your own pets (up to 3)

Help the homeless pet community with optional charity grooms for shelter & rescue pets

Have the luxury and freedom if it pleases you, to have visible tattoos and any hair color

The reward of working with a good team, and an independent growing company (that you can be part of) with strong ethics

Positive Energy, and a happy place for the humans working, our clients and the animals we care for!

_*Work with a cool Independent Pet Company! Full of Positive Energy, Good Ethics and Happy Pets & Humans!*_

COVID Considerations

To keep our staff as safe as possible we continue to wear masks, have safety protocols, and supply PPE, disinfectant, hand sanitizer. Our staff is fully vaccinated. We also have curbside service available for clients with zero-contact email invoicing.



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