Paws & Anchor is happy to be versatile and offer the salon service speciality of Feline Grooming to assist our community. We have a special approach to feline grooming at our salon. Safety and the comfort level for the cat are our main concerns. Our salon has the unique cat grooming process of utilizing a team of professionals (consisting of a certified groomer and trained assistant) for all appointments to provide the ultimate experience for your pet that employees safety and comfort to the animal. We believe having a second professional scheduled for the service is crucial, as they provide assistance and support to the animal and grooming during the grooming process. All cat grooming appointments are booked after hours as private appointments (available on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays after 3pm). Cats never go into a cage, there are no other pets in the salon for their appointment, we are closed to the public, the door is locked for safety, and we use the gentlest of methods for their grooming.


We can provide a variety of cat styling beyond the basic "shave-down". Stand alone nail trims, brush-outs without haircutting, and optional bathing services are also available for cats. All feline grooming appointments include a nail trim, ear cleaning and full brush out. Medium to Long haired felines also receive a sanitary trim and paw pad hair shave, as part of the basic grooming services. A consultation with the groomer to discuss options will occur at check-in to the appointment. Please be sure to transport your pet to the salon in a safe carrier. Our average feline grooming appointments are forty five minutes to an hour and a half, pending the type of grooming and services requested. We ask pet parents to stay locally during the appointment, and have their cell phone handy for the duration of the service. On occasion the stress threshold for the cat can be reached during the grooming service, and in that case, the grooming service stops, we ask the pet parents to promptly pick-up, and we break up the grooming into multiple appointments in best interest for the animal.

Our education comes from NCGI (National Cat Groomers Institute), The Professional Cat Groomers Association, (IPG) International Professional Groomers, hands on learning and study from cat grooming professionals, and a multitude of continuing education classes at grooming conferences. Our groomers specialized in Cat Grooming and are also Certified in Feline Safety Grooming.

Please call 732-775-7297 for further information, pricing quotes and details on how we can help your unique furry family member, or feel free to request an appointment online.

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