• Proof of Valid Rabies Vaccine Required (tags are not applicable) – Exceptions for pets under 4 months or with Veterinarian Approval 
  • We do a Coat & Condition Evaluation Exam Prior to service by our Crew 
  • Pets MUST stay on a leash at all times 
  • Slip leads are supplied if you do not have one 
  • Please inform our crew if your pet is uncomfortable with dogs, people, loud noises, certain areas of the body being touched, or anything else you feel we should be aware of 
  • We require all clients to sign a disclaimer to use Paws & Anchor’s Services 
  • Sick, injured, coughing, overdue to be vaccinated, pets with fleas, parasites, or skunked pets may not enter our facility

Special policies at Paws & Anchor to help you and your pet:

Paws & Anchor is a cageless facility! Our animal clients do NOT wait in stressful cages (like other salons) with other stressed and barking dogs around them. We also do not have dangerous cage dryers that can overheat and injure pets. (We use cool air hand dryers.) Your pet is given individual attention with special care and you are called as soon as they are ready for pick up.

Paws & Anchor has strong ethics and policies regarding the safety of your pet. Pets are never left alone and the staff never steps away leaving them unsupervised on a grooming table or in a bathing tub. Paws and Anchor also has a strong policy against, and never uses, dangerous cage dryers that can potentially harm animals. All pets are hand dried with towels and cool air hand dryers.

We use Positive Reinforcement to create a good experience for your pet and give plenty of affection and individual attention.

At Paws & Anchor we do preventative detailed extras to assist your pet after they leave us. We trim armpit hair shorter than the body at each appt. for matting prevention as body movement clauses friction in this problem area. The sanitary area is trimmed at a length slightly longer than grooming standard to avoid clipper irritation. We also trim the area around the ear shorter to bring more air to the area and help prevent ear infections by letting that skin breath more.

We offer a discount to regular clients! Clients can pre-book their appointment to stay on a schedule and receive a $5 discount. At a client's grooming appointment they can pre-book in person for the next visit to receive the $5 off discount at the next appointment as long as it is within 6 weeks. The option is great to stay on schedule, prevent matting, and assist in receiving the time and date desired (as the grooming salon schedule is often booked up weeks in advance).

We have options to help clients when their pet “doesn’t let me brush them”. Paws & Anchor offers 20-30 minute brush-out appointments for clients to be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We also offer mini-grooms (including a full bath, blow-out, complete brush out, and trimming of the sanitary, paws, pads and eyes) that can be scheduled 2-3 weeks after a full grooming to help between complete grooms. A Paws & Anchor groomer can also assist in recommending tools and brushing techniques to help. We are here to help provide options that ensure that their coat is maintained on a regular basis and avoid matting.

Paws & Anchor’s Positive Puppy Program is a training course combined with a frequent grooming schedule to assist clients and new puppies in creating comfortable, positive and cooperative grooming experience for the rest of the puppies life. The program is individualized for each unique puppy, and was designed by certified dog trainer and groomer, Nicole Kienlen CPTD-KA, owner of Paws & Anchor. Ask our groomers for more details on the program!

Special Private appointments are available at Paws & Anchor after hours with one in one attention. These appointments are great for sensitive pets, pets with medical issues, cat grooming, anti-social pets, new puppies, and rehabilitation to the grooming process). They are booked with an Assistant to help hold and comfort the pet and scheduled after hours with no other animals at the salon. (Note, these high-demand appointments book in advance, are available after 3pm on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, and incur additional fees.)

Paws & Anchor takes the care of your pet very seriously. Unfortunately the pet grooming industry is largely unregulated and no certification or safety requirements currently exist. Safety, Experience, and Education are our core values. Paws & Anchor Groomers are proudly; Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR Certified, A.K.C. Salon S.A.F.E. Certified and IPG (Internationally Professional Groomers) Certified Groomers. We do our very best to give your pet the best care.


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