NEW CLIENTS/PETS: In order to make an appointment, please complete the following steps.
Once Steps 1 & 2 are complete we will contact you to assist scheduling an appointment!

STEP 1 of 2 - Create an Online Client Profile in our Grooming Software. 
[After Completing STEP 1,we will send you an invoice within 48 hours to your email for the required New Client Deposit.

Before we make an appointment for you, we require you to create an Online Profile for your pet in our grooming software.

*Families that have been to Paws & Anchor previously: Please note that if you have ever had an appointment at Paws & Anchor before with any of your pets, please do not create another profile. We will add your new pet to your family account for you as long as the primary pet parent information is still the same. *Skip Step 1 if you are an existing client with a new pet, and please request an appointment from our homepage, or call 732-775-7297, so we may best assist you.

STEP 2 of 2 - Review, Complete, and Sign our Grooming Release Form & Pay the required Deposit. [Deposits are needed to reserve a grooming (bath/haircut) appointment for first-time clients.]

Please CHECK your email over the next 48 hours for an invoice to pay your first time client client deposit. Alternatively, you can pay with a credit card over the phone.

After the deposit is paid and we have a moment to review your account, we will contact you to assist booking.

Be sure your pet is up to date on their Rabies Vaccine. We do require proof of a valid up-to-date Rabies Vaccine. Tags are not accepted. Rabies Vaccine Certificates and Veterinary receipts that show rabies expiration dates are perfect. You can email the record to [email protected] in advance.


Paws & Anchor requires that all new clients for grooming and bathing services pay a deposit in advance, in order to reserve their appointment. The deposit fee is as follows: $35 per Dog Bathing/Grooming, and $80 per Cat Grooming or Private Appointment after hours. (Private appointments are required for all unspayed / unneutered pets over 1 year old).

The deposit is refundable after the service appointment occurs, or with over 48 hours notice of canceling the appointment in advance.

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