Nicole Kienlen, CCTA

Nicole Kienlen, CCTA

Creator and Founder of Paws & Anchor / Owner / Manager / Internationally Certified Professional Dog Groomer / Nationally Certified Dog Trainer

  • Certified Professional Dog Groomer [(IPG) International Professional Groomer] 
  • CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed by The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • 10 Years Veterinary Technician/Assistant Experience
  • 20+ Years Professional Pet Care Experience
  • Graduate from The Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania
  • Pet CPR & First Aid Certified (Red Cross & Barkleigh Productions)
  • International Professional Groomers, Inc. Certified Salon Professional
  • International Professional Groomers, Inc. Certified Professional Groomer
  • AKC American Kennel Club Salon S.A.F.E. Handling Certification
  • AKC American Kennel Club Salon S.A.F.E. Certified Groomer
  • AKC American Kennel Club Salon Certification
  • NAPPS (National Association of Pet Sitters) Certified in Pet Care
  • Managing Safe Group Play Certified (The Professional Pet Boarding Council)
  • Salon Sanitation Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Geriatric Grooming Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Hair & Skin Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Difficult Dog Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Puppy Handling Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Canine Massage Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Feline Safety Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Healthy Salon: Sanitation & Disease Prevention Certified (Barkleigh Productions)
  • Continuing Education Certified Yearly (Via: Intergroom, Groom Expo, and Pet Industry Conferences)
  • CCTA Certified Dog Trainer, Mentor Evaluated and Graduate with Distinction from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy


  • National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc.
  • National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc
  • International Professional Groomers, Inc.
  • The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, APDT
  • New Jersey Professional Pet Groomers Alliance

A brief history on the creation of Paws & Anchor

I had a goal to create and provide a standard for animal care that did not currently exist in the community, and I wanted to provide pet care services that were at a level that was appropriate, loving, and safe for my own furry family.  My years of working in the professional animal care field, shelter/rescue, and veterinary field helped create a business with a foundation for wellness, emotional security, and happiness, to our furry friends of the jersey shore community. Give me a chance and I can talk your ear off about why we do what we do and how we do it in a manner that is above the rest, but the base is: ethical and humane treatment of the animals in our care, a cage-free environment with positive reinforcement, fear-free stress-avoiding handling of pets, top of the line equipment in the industry, highly (and continually) educated staff in the professional animal care field, and high quality pet spa products that are natural and made in the USA.  Paws & Anchor is a place my staff and I are happy to work at, our clients love, and the pets we care for are happy and treated like our own beloved furry family. (Because that's what they deserve!)

My inspiration was my own furry little boy “Brody”.  He was my “son” and best friend, he even walked me down the aisle of my wedding.  He will never be forgotten and was a true ambassador of his species.  He deserved the best, and thus from him and my years of professional experience, Paws & Anchor was born.  I believe in celebrating the human/animal bond and taking the best care of our furry family members in return of that special loyal companionship and unconditional love they give us as best friends. 

About Me

I have a very strong passion for what I do and valuable ethics when it comes to caring for animals.  Like any small independent business, it has been a struggle to create Paws & Anchor and keep it thriving, but it is absolutely worth it thanks to the wonderful staff I work with and happy (human and animal) clients.  I started working with animals professionally when I was 16 years old and I built the company from the ground up with the mantra that anything worth doing is worth doing your very best. I spent many years working in animal care facilities and at a Veterinary Hospital, as well as learning everything I could through industry conferences and continuing education at the same time. Top leading professionals that I have met in the pet care industry have called me a “Lifer”.  I started a professional pet-sitting business in 2008, assembling a team of like-minded individuals to provide quality care to animals where they were most comfortable, at home. This grew into hundreds of clients and led me to expand to a new business (Paws & Anchor) in 2014 which includes our current storefront, grooming spa services, and boutique pet retail.  I have also gained education, certifications and professional experience to become a certified pet groomer and certified dog trainer. I love what I do and I enjoy helping my community care for their pets.  It's also wonderfully gratifying working with animals. I have a personal interest in canine behavior, the art of grooming, designing/creating, and genuinely helping people.  I also find value in treating my staff like family, being a good leader and providing them with a job that they can enjoy where they are needed and appreciated. I have two beautiful adopted little (human) girls and a wonderfully supportive and talented husband Bryan Kienlen, owner of Anchors Aweigh Tattoo Studio (right on the next block from us) and bassist of The Bouncing Souls.  All of our companion animal family members are rescues.  Our two bonded house rabbits, “Curtis” (Lionhead x Silver Martin) & “Nola” (Harliquin), and “Lakota” (Border Collie sweetheart with all the energy of a toddler with A.D.D.), bring us unconditional joy at home. 

The Paws & Anchor team and I love providing professional, knowledgeable, nurturing and rewarding care in our services to our revered clients.

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